Brava Romania


              Brava System is a new and revolutionary breast augmentation method.

             The system consists in wearing a device, like a vacuum bra, who can expand the breast tissue if used a determined period of time. In addition, we can inject fat tissue, harnessed from the same patient.

             The principle is not new but the vacuum device bra is a breakthrough allowing for a larger breast space to be created. To be fully successful the Brava System will be used for predetermined periods of time, daily.  

             The autologus fat, from the same patient, is absorbed and filtered from the areas where is commonly accumulating, hips, thighs, and knees. Thus the patients will benefit in fact from a liposculpture in the same intervention.

             To pass from an A breast size to a B size the Brava System must be in place for a period of ten hours per day for four weeks before the fat transfer and another two weeks after the fat injection.

             Brava System can be also successfully used for post mastectomy breast reconstruction.