Brava breast augmentation method


                      BRAVA SYSTEM

                      It is a worldwide revolutionary procedure that allows breast augmentation by injecting their own fat. The principle is not new in plastic surgery, but this technique to achieve     

                      breast enlargement  is.

                     The entire procedure involves wearing an external expander (BRAVA System), followed by injecting their own fat, harvested from areas where is in surplus (thighs, hips, knees).

                     The method consists of EXTERNAL TISSUE EXPANSION (breast enlargement) SYSTEM WITH BRAVA, FOLLOWED by a PROPER fat tissue auto-transplant

                     Patients will benefit from a breast enlargement and also a body shaping.

                    If breast enlargement with a cup size then the system should  be worn at least 10 hours / day, 4 weeks before and at least 2 weeks after transplantation of adipose tissue

                   (lipofilling). The procedure is also applicable to persons who have undergone mastectomies, requiring several sessions, depending on the particularities of the  cases.

                   BRAVA METHOD ADVANTAGES

                   Safe, sustainable, efficient

                   Surgery without scalpel, the only tool is a needle syringe, no silicone implants are used and no other scars remain.

                  Optimal for the patient - minimally invasive, low risk, rapid recovery, firm natural breasts, concurrent liposuction, slim silhouette, costs comparable to other methods, patients' 


                                                                 before                                                                                                          after 5 weeks with Brava



                  BRAVA System technique requires a set of medical devices, ordered after measuring and evaluating each patient. These BRAVA devices consists essentially of a modified, solid, 

                  medical bra, sealed against each breast. The BRAVA devices are connected to a vacuum pump enabling the sealed containers to pull gently onto the skin. The pressure created

                  inside each bra will gradually stimulate the mammary tissue growing. The whole installation is controlled by a micro-processor an can be adjusted individually.   





                                                                     BRAVA bra suction system in place  



                    Are there drawbacks?

                   Accommodating with the BRAVA system, it should be worn for a while
                   Oncology loaded family history
                   Low compliance level in understanding the method
                   Not suitable for smokers and patients treated with Herceptin