How Brava looks


What Does It Look Like?



The BRAVA Starter System consists of two semi-rigid domes, with specially engineered silicone gel rims, and a sophisticated minicomputer, called a SmartBox, that creates and regulates the tension within the domes. A sports bra is also included, to hold the domes and the SmartBox in place. The System also includes accessories and instruction materials.

The SmartBox is the "brains" of BRAVA, and has a few very important functions. It contains a sensor that constantly regulates the optimal pressure within the domes. A small pump gently takes the air out of the domes to create a vacuum and a computer chip that records the amount of time the System is worn, as well as the pressure inside the domes. It also reads and writes this information, which you can transmit to BRAVA via a telephone line. This allows you to see your wear pattern and chart your progress. It also helps us answer any questions you might have about your individual usage. The system also contains a rechargeable battery system. For further details about the Brava Starter System please click here.

The information from your SmartBox is confidential and can only be accessed by you and the BRAVA team specialists.

The Brava Sport system and It�s SportBox shares many of the same features as the Brava Starter system with the exception that it does not have internet capabilities and is powered by disposable batteries. For further details about the Brava Sport System please click here.

The Domes come in different sizes. Your own particular size will be based on your body type. You and your BRAVA sales professional will determine which is the best fit for you.

You will also be provided with an instruction manual, which you can use for quick reference. As you grow, you'll need a larger set of domes. Once you've achieved your desired goal, you can order a larger set of domes that will accommodate your new growth and help you achieve additional results.



                                 Brava System off                                                                                               Brava System on



                                                       Brava System in place