How Brava works

BRAVA works by placing a gentle amount of tension (three-dimensional pull) on the breasts, and when sustained, the result is new breast tissue. This technique, known as tissue expansion, is not new; just the application is. For the last 30 years, the medical profession has used this same scientific principle to grow tissue for several medical procedures, including breast reconstruction and lengthening of limbs. BRAVA, which holds numerous patents, is new because it uses this principle to non-surgically grow the soft tissue of the breast. In fact, The BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System is the only medical device that uses in vivo tissue engineering for cosmetic enhancement. Clinical research indicated that women who complied with the procedure experienced an increase in breast volume, which ranged from 35cc to 250cc of lasting tissue growth.

Some women refer to The BRAVA System as a gentle breast pump, but in BRAVA's case, the tension placed on your breasts causes the breast tissue to actually grow. When placed directly on the nipple, breast pumps exert a strong amount of pressure that induces the production or release of breast milk. Breast pumps are used for a very limited amount of time, until the desired milk flow has been achieved. With BRAVA, the tension exerted is very gentle (only 15 to 30mmHg) and when it is sustained for at least 10 hours a day over the entire area, the result is the gradual production of new breast tissue.

In the first phase of wear, the initial increase that you will see is made up of mostly swelling with a very small amount of lasting tissue growth. However, as you continue to use The BRAVA System, real tissue growth will slowly being to take place and by the end of treatment, there is a greater proportion of true tissue growth to swelling. The following chart illustrates the BRAVA Growth Cycle.


Each day you wear BRAVA for at least 10 hours, you will notice that your breasts become swollen and enlarged. When you remove the System and have it off (14 hours), the swelling subsides and your breast volume decreases. In fact, each day you put the BRAVA System on and then take it off, you are going through the BRAVA growth cycle. As the weeks progress and you repeat this seesaw (on and off) process each day, you will slowly begin to notice that even after you have had the domes off for a prolonged period of time, your breasts no longer experience a significant decrease in volume. You are now experiencing tissue growth along with accompanying swelling. The amount of growth you are experiencing is about a drop full a day. You know you are at the midpoint of treatment when, before putting the System on for the next 10 hour cycle, the increase you see is the final size you desire.

With BRAVA, the growth covers the entire breast area. BRAVA was designed to grow breast tissue in every direction, whereas gravity's effect is solely a downward pull causing the breast to sag.


Taking weekly photographs of your progress best evidences this growth. This will help to remind you of your starting point. (This may seem unnecessary; however, even after surgical augmentation, many women forget how they looked prior to the surgery.) It is a good idea to take these photographs in a form fitting bra or bathing suit top. This way you actually see the changes. You will notice that you will begin to fill out the upper portion of your bra. It also helps to encourage you through the process.

Imaginile sint luate la inceputul terapiei cu Metoda Brava, la terminarea terapiei (perioada in care pacienta a folosit zilnic Sistemul Brava) cu o angorjare mamara datorata tocmai utilizarii zilnice a dispozitivului Brava, si la un interval de trei luni de la  incheierea utilizarii Sistemului Brava, se observa rezultatul stabil de augmentare mamara.